Curricular Connections


Provincial Learning Outcomes

We hope that the Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience digital book will provide learning opportunities to improve educational success, develop cultural agility, and support reconciliation by providing public education that tells the national story of Indigenous athletes in history.

The provincial curricular connections have been compiled as a tool to assist you in your lesson planning and as a springboard for your own curriculum mapping within an Indigenous context. Therefore, the learning outcomes identified in the downloadable attachment are not intended as an exhaustive resource for all subjects, but instead offer Indigenous education curricular connections for each province/territory that are directly aligned with the digital book’s content.

On page four of this resource, there is also a list of the Indigenous Hall of Famers who are featured in the digital book by region, along with a list of recent Tom Longboat Award Winners.

It should be noted that the learning outcomes provided in the PDF are taken directly from the existing provincial curricula, therefore, some of the language is neither reflective of terminology used by Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame nor Indigenous Peoples in Canada (e.g. “Aboriginal,” “Canadian Aboriginal Peoples,” etc.).

The provincial curricular links are based on the entire book as opposed to a specific Hall of Famer’s region (e.g. although no Indigenous Hall of Famers have been inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame from Nova Scotia, the digital book still aligns with Nova Scotia’s Indigenous education curriculum). The curriculum connections were compiled in June 2021.