Sports jerseys are created using design elements like that of flags. Today, flags are objects that represent distinct groups’ connections to places and each other. Indigenous language place names can be found across what is now Canada, although they do not reflect the vastness of place names known to Indigenous Peoples, which pre-date Canada. There are historical facts within oral stories that connect to many Indigenous place names. When looking at current Indigenous place names in Canada, there is often a connection to water. Water connects, sustains, and is considered sacred. Rich oral traditions have passed on creation stories that connect with how Indigenous Peoples, plants, and animals came to be. 

Design elements included in present-day flags may reflect original symbolism used throughout history. Traditional and present-day clothing, regalia and cultural items have elements of design that are unique to individuals, families, and groups. Many objects today are created using both traditional and present day materials. For example, porcupine quills might be used along with glass or plastic beads to create intricate designs on clothing, regalia, jewellery, and other objects.