The truths, stories and experiences featured in the digital book honour and respect the Indigenous Sports Heroes. The educational activities featured in this digital book connect with the Indigenous Sports Heroes while offering insights into Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being, and more broadly Indigenous Education or Education for Reconciliation. To expand on this learning, the following Lesson Plans containing extension activities for K-12 in-class learning were developed to complement the interactive Educational Activities.

“Indigenous” is being used as a broad term that encompasses First Nations, Métis, and Inuit. There are many Indigenous groups with distinct cultural traditions. These lessons do not go into depth, but rather offer brief introductions to some broad themes.

The lesson plans are intended to inspire further learning and relationship building with Indigenous Peoples. They were designed as entry points to help you to integrate holistic teaching methods into your classroom that recognize the many distinct Indigenous histories, cultures, pedagogies, traditional languages and traditional knowledge systems. Each lesson can be downloaded below by grade range per Educational Activity.