Sport Successes

Sport Successes

Gaylord Powless was a lacrosse player who transcended the game and was an icon in his sport and community. His accomplishments in lacrosse are extraordinary. As a signature player for the Oshawa Green Gaels, he led the team to four straight National Junior Championships from 1964 to 1967, while individually winning the national skills competition, the sportsmanship trophy, and the Most Valuable Player award each of these years.

The Oshawa Green Gaels are the only national junior team to ever win the Minto Cup four years in a row, with Gaylord Powless named the team’s Most Valuable Player in 1964 and 1967.
Courtesy of the Gaylord Powless family

At age 17, Gaylord won the Tom Longboat Award in 1968, which recognizes the top Indigenous athletes in Canada. In 1971, he led his team to win the Canadian National Senior Lacrosse Championship. He would be a marquee player in three different professional leagues setting records for scoring and assists and basically winning every honour in the game.

Pocket watch gifted to Gaylord Powless when he was named a National Lacrosse League All-Star in the 1974 season. Currently on loan from the Gaylord Powless family to the Brantford and Area Sports Hall of Recognition

Gaylord and his father have the rare distinction of being the only father and son duo to be members of both the Ontario and Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Both are members of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Lacrosse is a family tradition as Gaylord’s father Ross Powless (left) –also had an amazing lacrosse career both as a player and coach. Courtesy of the Gaylord Powless family

Through lacrosse, Gaylord was instrumental in creating bridges, friendships, and goodwill between Indigenous and non-Indigenous players and cultures in Canada.